photoshoot St. Tropez, the making of …

Fotoshoot in Saint Tropez voor, die zijn relatie met zijn klanten ook graag ziet als een tango: “De tango is een dans voor twee. Een dans waarin de partners hun eigen weg lijken te gaan, maar waarin de harmonie bepaalt dat er iets heel moois ontstaat.”  Op 50 sec begint een dans die we zonder muziek uitvoerden voor de… Read more →

Joris Linssen en Caramba, cross-over show

Joris Linssen en Caramba play mexican norteño music, translated into dutch. For several years we performed together on festivals and in theaters, adding tango to the mix.

We performed among others during festivals in Rotterdam, Fort Vechten, Oerol, Libelle Zomerweek, Marion Bloem’s manifestatie “een Royaal Gebaar” and a theater tour in the Netherlands, performing in 40 theaters in 10 weeks.

The fragment below is how it all started: a performance on Dutch national television to promote a cross-culture festival where Joris and our tango couple mixed our music and dance. For this TV gig the band Caramba reunited, and the six of us had such a positive vibe that night we worked together for over 5 years.

Joris Linssen, TV-host NCRV, singer-songwriter Caramba, columnist 
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The first season of our succesfull theatreshow ‘Tranen van geluk’ was accompanied bij freestyle tangodance. Mark was the man of a splendid copple. Due to the cooperation between Mark, Marjon and Joris, the group Caramba was reunited in 2006. Mark stood out as a romantic dancer.

February 8, 2011, Joris worked directly with Mark at Joris Linssen & Caramba

Classical argentine tango improvisation

Improvised tango is the original art form and often has the most emotive character. It is the singular expression of all that is present in that instance.
2004 low bandwidth movie clip 🙁 Hope you still enjoy this almost historical footage:10 anos no es nada.
The tango we are dancing to is Milongueando en el 40 by Anibal Troilo.
The Winkel van Sinkel is one of Utrecht’s most remarkable grand cafes and for many years drew tango dancers from all over The Netherlands and from abroad on the second sunday of each month. It is a tango venue to this day.

Mark & Marjon dancing an improvised tango in the Winkel van Sinkel in 2004, performing during one of the many tango galas we organized there over the years.



Tan tango! is sooo tango.

“Tan tango…!” is spanish for “So tango …!” Tan tango brings quintessential tango qualities to any project. At this time available for private tutoring, workshops, projects and performances based on Argentine tango and cross-over projects. 25 years+ of professional dancing and teaching. tango festivals (organizer, teacher) in Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands as well as performing and teaching in… Read more →